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The Best Childcare Center LLC

Our Mission

The Best Childcare Center mission is to nurture the "whole child" in areas of physical, intellectual, emotional,social and spiritual development. This will be achieved through providing a variety of activities that are developmentally appropriate and recognizes the individual needs and cultural differences of children. Through moral principles and teacher-assisted and directed activities, children are encouraged to be independent thinkers and life-long learners that love and respect thyself.

Why Choose Us

  • Promotes community collaborations as resources
  • A blend of learning and fun designed to make children into lifelong learners
  • Believes that happy family= happy  kid (parent education classes)
  • Focus is on cultural self awareness and acceptance for all
  • Teachers educated and trained by in house  Ohio approved trainer

- About Us -

The Best Teachers

Our Teachers

The BEST Child-Care LLC will provide quality childcare from credentialed, professional teachers who have earned their Nationally accredited CDA (Child Development Associate), Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education or a bachelors in Early Childhood Studies. The teacher will provide experiences each child needs to develop at their full potential. Our curriculum is designed using the Ohio Early Development Standards as a blue print for quality.

Our Focus

  • Proven Approaches Toward Learning
  • Cognition and General Knowledge
  • Language and Literacy
  • Physical Development
  • Social and Emotional Development

- Lakisha Best -

The Best Owner


 Lakisha Best holds her Master of education in administration. She also has obtained two bachelors in Early Childhood Studies and Cultural Ethics. She has worked with Ohio Childcare Referral Resources association which is the parent company of 4C for children that provides training and parent resources to the community. She also has experience in Head Start where she did formal observations using the CLASS tool which she is liable in. This assessment was completed to ensure quality between teacher and child relation. Head Start depended on Ms. Best to observe classrooms and develop trainings to fit the needs of the community. She has written trainings and had them approved by the state of Ohio to implement throughout the state. Ms. Best has worked as a Department Chair for Brown Mackie College where she has graduated many students in the field and mentored other instructor the field.

Ms.Best is also the Owner and Operator of a" The Best Preschool Consultant Firm & Adult Education where she teaches Child Development Associate Preparation classes throughout the community. She has helped many educators receive their CDA (Child Development Associate) from the Child Development Associate Council of Recognition in Washington DC. Ms. Best also serves as a Professional Development Specialist for the Council when others seek to be assessed for their CDA in the area. Ms. Best is a Leadership team member for CAKE Communities Advocating for Kids Empowerment. Children is her calling not just her career. Her life goal is to have every child that crosses her threshold or path feel loved and accepted for just being their unique selves.


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The Best Childcare Center mission is to nurture the "whole child" in areas of physical, intellectual, emotional,social and spiritual development.

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